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  • The Gabriel

    The Gabriel


    The Gabriel

    Ever since the launch of NXT GNRATION by Original Birth i got to know a lot about their company check out their FB https://www.facebook.com/origbirth and this hip company that is Original in all the meanings of the word started managing a new  BOUTIQUE hotel in Heliopolis next Sun City & the airport, providing a destination for an URBAN retreat! a place where you can escape the madness and indulge in excellence !

    Food! Bruno the Chef, omg … YUMM i tried his food, and oh did i try his food, it was … well lets say mouthwatering is an understatement!

    so are you ready for the Gabriel

    check out the page of Original birth team: http://www.original-birth.com/about-us/team/


    let music be your food

    feed my soul

    escape the maddness


    The Gabriel