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  • The Fairmont Glass Kitchen !

    The Glass Kitchens of LAN TANIA & RAj

    so knowing that heliopolis is going to be next “IT” destination based on the gossip i have been hearing and with the amounts of clubs and events scheduled to take place from now up until june (yes there is a new club opening in a week or two) Fishie & Kittie decided to explore the heliopolis Scene, and where else better to go to than the FAIRMONT ! so on two days to fairmont once For Lunch in the LAN TANIA  thai restaurant  and Dinner in Raj an Indian Resturant.

    In both cases i was in love with the fact of both Resturants had Glass Kitchens

    The Glass Kitchens of LAN TANIA & RAj

    what i loved about both restaurants is that i actually got a chance to meet the chefs, and in both cases, whether Lan Tania or Raj, the chef origins was from the cuisine the restaurant served, so LAN TANIA had a Thai chef, where RAJ had an Indian chef, talk about authenticity !

    before we talk about the food lets talk about the drinks, where in both cases we tried that non-alcoholic drinks in a mood of refreshiment, they both had their own version of the ICED TEA , one was lemongrass and the other chai  with indian spices and well fishie loves its ice !! to me i loved the LanTania ICED tea more but because it had that lemon grass bite to it. the Raj ICE Tea, was sweat and came with a syrup

    In the Lan Tania, kittie had the SEA BASS and it came with vegetarian rice served in a pineapple, and Fishie had the paneng curry chicken which basically a curry made of nutmeg and other nuts and has that hint of spicyiness

    a LAN TANIA spread

    in RAJ Fishie and Bunzie had a full course till their stomach popped out ! well i think a picture is worth a thousand curries ;)  no literally we had like Prawn Curry, Chicken butter curry, and chicken tikka curry !  i told you our stomach popped out !

     Overall during this weekend for us at CairoGossip, it was a Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers weekend, partly because we wanted to escape the hassle of the city, and also because well truly we believe heliopolis will be the new IT Place, and while just sitting RAJ tonight we already met a few of our friends who had like two weddings the hotel and sitting the FUZE Bar… i think that would be next destination in Helio that we check out

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