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  • The Coffe Club = Good Service.


    So 6th of october is now a hotspot, boasting both Tivol & Arkan as hangouts. Now, Tivoli has the latest addition is… THE COFFEE CLUB

    And well where it is flush with Cafes etc. There is one that stands out for its service, at least one of my friends told me so.

    They even went to make sure that their patrons are warm during these cold winter weather.

    Other than from a good service, the idea of the branded blanket is a marketing genius, not a new idea implemented all over the european cities. It does cement in the back of people mind the brand.  I love it

    And this is a shout out that goes to them for giving such good service.

    Note they dont advertise with me or anything, But i think if someone gives good services they should be credit for it.