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  • The Aubergine Festival at L’Aubergine


    As a longstanding favourite among diners and drinkers in the capital, l’Aubergine can hold its own against the best of Cairo’s bars, and can also deliver the goods when it comes to food.

    For one week, starting today, both Heliopolis and Zamalek branches will be serving up a new aubergine-based menu that takes inspiration from all different types of Mediterranean cuisine; everything from Lebanese-style aubergine fattah and Greek mousakka, to meat-stuffed aubergine with bechamel from Spain and even an ice cream dessert with an aubergine confit.

    Referred to by the Italians as 'crazy apple', aubergines were widely believed to cause Mad Hatter-styled madness, which might explain why all those family dish parties ended as badly as they did. But save those stories for when you've ordered l'Aubergine's fantastic new aubergine cocktail. I'm joking of course, but now that I think about it...