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  • Ten Questions for Cairo Bites’ Magda Gomaa


    On Saturday the 26th of April, something glorious is happening. Its name is Cairo Bites and its game is food – lots of it.

    As Egypt’s biggest food showcase, Cairo Bites will transform Baron Palace in Heliopolis into a carnival of food and drink, as the city’s restaurants, cafes, bakeries, caterers and other food creators come together in celebration of eating stuff.

    It sounds too good to be true, right? Yeah, we thought so, too, so we stood outside co-founder Magda Gomaa’s building for six hours earlier this week until she agreed to talk to us.

    Cairo Bites – sell it to me in one sentence.

    Cairo Bites appeals to everyone. If you’re a foodie and appreciate good flavours, if you’re a socialite and like to be out and about, if you’re a business owner and like to be seen, if you’re laid back and want something that is out of the box, if you’ve considered sliding some change to the security at the Baron Palace. What’s not to love?

    That's more than one sentence. Listen, though; with so many restaurants taking part in Cairo Bites, I know you like to stay neutral – but what’s your favourite restaurant in Cairo? 

    I love the restaurant that will located at space number 61 at Cairo Bites – attend the event and find out for yourself. I also love the Fondue Pot – my best friend is the owner so I don’t have an option here.

    But there’s this little hidden heaven in Downtown that is not very popular (and I hope it stays that way) called Le Bistro. Best steak I’ve had in Cairo!

    I know Le Bistro – they’re steak is indeed delicious. Are there any types of food that you particularly hate?


    Seriously? Spinach is awesome! Ok, what do you feel like eating right now?

    Hamam! Or Sushi.

    What’s the last thing you cooked?

    Pancakes that I made to pamper my mom on Mother’s Day. The third patch was semi-edible. Like they always say, if you can’t do, teach (or in my case organize Cairo Bites).

    What’s your ideal three-course meal?

    My pay check barely gets me through the main course and I’m currently single – however, a fondue meal. Some traditional Swiss cheese fondue, followed by some grilled chicken on a hot stone and chocolate fondue.

    Sounds yummy. We should totally go on a fondue date. Let’s concentrate on the interview first, though. If you could only eat only one vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Strangely enough, broccoli. You can play with it. 

    Highfive for broccoli! What’s your favourite food TV show? Mine’s Masterchef.

    I’d rather watch Suits or Scandal – very insightful and useful for an entrepreneur. Those Harvey Spector Comebacks!

    What happened to the cannibal who was late to dinner?

    Awkward silence...

    He was given the cold shoulder! No, not funny? Ok, let’s move on. I’ve just given you a 1 Million LE to open a restaurant – what is it and what’s it called?

    I’d organise a bigger and better Cairo Bites – diplomatic much? There’s the reason why I am the PR person in our startup.

    For more info on Cairo Bites checkout their official website and Facebook page. For tickets, click here.