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  • Ted’s Ramadan Set-Menus Are Da Proverbial Bomb


    Is anyone else sick of the kheima thing yet? While Cairo Gossip is the first to appreciate the Ramadan combination of food, kitsch entertainment and antakha, sometimes, all you want to do after a long, hot day of fasting is to eat and eat well – something that Ted’s understands.

    You see, the buffet approach, for example, makes sense in theory; but, if like us, your knees wobble into indecisiveness at the prospect of a buffet, you’ll appreciate Ted’s special fetar and sohour set-menus, which still give you plenty of options and at very reasonable prices.

    The Citystars restaurant has done away with the usual sambousek-and-kobeba-show, instead putting together a menu that is every bit as creative as its usual offerings.

    Take the fetar set menu, for example; at 220LE, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck with a menu that spans five-courses. Some of the stand-out items include a fried breaded shrimp appetiser with mustard sauce, a main dish that brings together fish konafa (yes, you read that right – FISH KONAFA), sautéed spinach and an almond sauce, and a dessert of not one, not two, but THREE cubed-cakes – red velvet, apple crumble and chocolate fudge.

    The sohour set-menu, meanwhile, comes in the form of a ‘sohour tray’ – one that goes a bit more traditional, offering eggs, feta cheese, labneh and more for a mere 85LE.


    The Ramadan menu maintains a unique approach to food that has won Ted’s many a heart, tummy and soul – as well as a 2016 Editors’ Choice Award from our picky friends at Cairo 360. This is how Ramadan should be – uncomplicated, wholesome and downright delicious. 

    Fetar Set-Menu (6PM-8PM)


    -Fried breaded shrimps served with mustard sauce.
    Fried chicken strips breaded with sesame seeds and served with sweet chilli sauce.


    -Thai crab salad
    -Pasta tuna salad
    -Caesar salad

    Main Course

    -Fish konafa, sautéed spinach covered with konafa and served with almond creamy sauce.
    -Roasted half chicken with oriental rice and served with gravy sauce.
    -Grilled beef fillet with traditional vegetables ratatouille and served with creamy grain mustard sauce.


    -Assorted of three international and three oriental dessert.
    -Mix of three oriental type roll, dates, Pate pistachio, Amar El Dine rolled with achta creamy & light syrup on the top.
    -Mix of Three beets international cake red velvet cube, apple crumble cube, chocolate fudge cube.
    -Kounafa mango with creamy achta topped with light syrup and pistachio.

    Sohour Set-Men (From 10.30PM)

    Souhour Tray/Labneh and bread/Egg scramble or sun up with toast/Feta cheese cubes/Foul moudamas/Cucumber, cherry tomato, olives, mint/Kaak cheese/ Halawe cubes.

    Instead of just sitting there and drooling, call 01223000599 for reservations.

    By Kalam El Qahaira