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  • Taste of Zamalek | Picnic Day


    A week from today, Zamalek’s having a really cool day for its community and residents organized by The Zamalek Association (I had no idea that Zamalek had an Association).

    Taking place at the Aquarium Grotto Garden, the event starts at 11 and lasts till 6, so remember to have post-Nacelle sunglasses and Advil for breakfast. You get what I mean. It’s going to include live music, art and entertainment for everyone. And seeing as how Zamalek is home to more restaurateurs than any other place in Egypt, it’s no surprise that they “have invited many of Zamalek’s finest food and beverage outlets to sell their most delicious items”.

    I’m really excited about this and love the idea. We need more events like these more often. And see, Fishie, Manhattan doesn’t have a Zamalek Association.