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  • Sun, Sea, Sand & #SpriteMixes


    We’re neck-deep in the circus that is Sahel Season, as Cairo’s urbanites take to the road at every chance possible for some much needed sun, sea and sand. This summer, however, a fourth ‘S’ awaits – Sprite.

    Yes, Egypt’s favourite carbonated citrus drink has plenty in store for sun worshippers on the North Coast this summer, with the help of infamous mixologist extraordinaire and owner of the coolest collection of tattoos in Egypt, Ray Al Ramahi. The man who made mixing drinks cool again for the first time since that terrible Tom Cruise film, Cocktail, Al Ramahi is giving Sprite a spin, with five exclusive cocktail creations for your straw-sipping pleasure.

    The maiden mixes have a little something for everyone, using some classic summer flavours, alongside some typically rowdy-Ramahi touches. “But where can I sip at the teet of such creative use of an already such refreshing drink?!” we hear you say! Forget ‘getting pretty/ripped/natural/hip’ for Marassi, because you can get SPRITE for Marassi (if you get what we mean) on weekends.

    You can also catch #SpriteMixes across the North Coast with a special road-show set to see Ramahi and co pop-up here, there and everywhere.

    For more on the #SpriteMixes, check out the official Sprite Facebook page and Instagram.