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  • Strathisla to Cairo: Chivas Regal, its History & its Future


    I don’t like to assume – except when it comes to gossip, of course – but I don’t think that when the Chivas brothers were selling whisky out of their luxury food store in the cold, cold Scottish town of Aberdeen in the early 1800s, they imagined that their most in-demand tipple would find its way to Cairo two centuries later.

    Said tipple is of course, Chivas Regal, the premium Scotch whisky which has been turning up at all the swankiest events in Egypt’s capital like some kind of golden, mysterious enigma of a being.

    It’s no surprise, though; before their humble beginnings at Strathisla distillery, the Chivas bros were once granted a Royal Warrant to provide their top quality goods to Queen Victoria. It was also Frank Sinatra’s favourite whisky – class runs through Chivas Regal’s history.

    Now, on Cairo’s eclectic and often unpredictable nightlife scene, Chivas Regal has become synonymous with the highest of the high-end; not unlike its famous fans, it’s everywhere, but not just anywhere – which actually sums up the Cairo Gossip ethos, somewhat.

    Over the years, Chivas Regal in all its glorious forms has amassed a rather impressive trophy cabinet as a consistent victor at the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions. But success for this whisky isn’t measured by rewards and prizes. Much like the exclusive bars at which resides and much like the modern drink aficionados who enjoy and savour it, there’s a lot more than plaques, ribbons and certificates at play here – the ‘regal’ in the name is no coincidence.

    I’m off to responsibly enjoy a Chivas on the rocks now – cheers.