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  • Six Absolutely Perfect Absolut Cocktails


    While a new breed of mixologists continue to break the boundaries in the cocktail game, nothing – no matter how weird and wacky – will ever come close to the classics; the cocktails that our forefathers have passed down.

    But the simplest of cocktails need to be made with precision – something the folk at Absolut know all too well. Behold, ye Absolut drinkers! 

    The Perfect Caipiroska  

    A variation of Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha – yes, they have a national cocktail – the vodka-infused Caipiroska is one of the most popular drinks in South America. Simple sweet, summery.

    The Perfect Vodka Tonic

    Only a fool would suggest that this classic pairing is easy to perfect – a top-notch barman once told us that drink-making is a science. And we believe him. He had eyes as blue as an azure Mykonos sky.

    The Perfect Sea Breeze

    Unlike a real, salty sea breeze, this is a cocktail that is all kinds of sweet and fruity thanks to the cranberry. Add the grapefruit and you have the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. See – it’s a science.

    The Perfect Cosmopolitan

    The cosmo; a cocktail so popular that a fragrance company in the drink’s place of birth, New York, has created a cologne that is meant to smell like the Cosmopolitan. True story.

    The Perfect Piña colada

    The national drink of Puerto Rico – these Latin countries are so cool – the Piña Colada is summer in a glass. Fun fact: ‘piña colada’ means ‘strained pineapple’. We’re drinking AND learning today.

    The Perfect Bloody Mary

    Is it a cocktail? Is it a gazpacho? It’s the Bloody Mary! Considered by many to be ‘the world’s most complex drinks’, the Bloody Mary is an Absolut (ha!) work of art.

    Happy perfect and responsible drinking!