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  • Salt: Dining Galore

    i did try once the food of CHEF BRONU and well he is a culinary artist (pronounced artieesstt)  so when i heard about the event below i was excited and had to share !!  .. where is this event taking place … well None other than SALT in the Gabriel hotel


    Original birth & Kouroum of the Nile present Egypt’s first Chef’s Table & Winery.

    World renowned Executive Chef Bruno Contreras will be serving 7 courses; The food concept is uniquely urban. Our cuisine relies on french modern presentation using the finest fresh local and Mediterranean ingredients combined with spices, herbs and light Asian influence to indulge the senses like never before. 

    Accompanying this unique culinary experience is a selection of wines by Andre Hadji-Thomas. Each plate will be served with its wine that will further enhance its taste.

    Limited number of seats! BOOK NOW by calling +(202) 24174486/3