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  • Sabaya: 5 Things You Have to Try at Semiramis’ Brilliant Lebanese Restaurant


    It may seem almost traitorous for any Egyptian to say this, but, guys, the Lebanese really get it when it comes to food – they may even be better at it than Egyptians. Now, before you throw your hands up in the air in some kind of patriotic objection, let us at least try to sway you.

    There is, of course, no shortage of Lebanese restaurants in Cairo, but one particular eatery manages to bring together the perfectly wholesome features of Lebanese cuisine, with the touch of flair and sophistication that it’s setting demands. We speak of InterContinental Semiramis restaurant, Sabaya. The Garden City hotel has always been a fine-dining favourite amongst foodies, but Sabaya in particular has struck a chord with Cairenes – and for good reason.

    The restaurant’s menu is a little more eclectic than most, as these five dishes prove…

    Green Humous…


    Yes, it’s green, but boy is it good. The addition of rocca into the humous mix is what causes it to be green, but more than just appearances, it puts a fresh, leafy touch to a classic dish. Yum.

    Kebbeh Nayeh…


    Possibly the most divisive Lebanese dish of all is really quite simple – raw lamb meat with cracked wheat and a dash of olive oil. An acquired taste, yes, but then the best things really are. Yum to that.

    Kafta Aazmerley…


    Kafta, kofta, or even finger of meat; call it what you will, Sabaya’s Kafta Aazmerley, adds flair to a simple concept that sees tomatoes, onions, coriander, garlic, chili, and – wait for it – halloumi cheese in the mix. Yum again.

    Samaka Hara Bayroutia…


    Seafood isn’t the most prevalent food in Lebanese cuisine, but Sabaya knows how to treat a fish like royalty. The Samaka Hara Bayroutia brings together fresh sea bass with a mixture of tomatoes, coriander, garlic, chilli and pine nuts. Yum some more.

    ‘Flavours of Lebanon’ Degustation Menu…


    If you’re really looking to feast/pig-out, look no further than this brilliant set-menu. At 280LE++ er person you get plenty of bang for your buck over an extravagant four-course meal that covers both hot and cold mezzah, mains and dessert. No yum needed.

    For more info and reservations, call 02-2798-8000.

    By Kalam El Qahaira