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  • Ruen Thai! Authentic *SPICY* Thai!

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    Just to be clear I LOVE THAI FOOD!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH  !! that i have them memorized their names , for example: Tom Kha Gai means chicken soup with coconut.

    So whenever i am in Katameyia neighborhood, i usually hang out with my friends in Dusit Than hotel and well this Saturday i got to experience their Ruen Thani Brunch.  OMG IT WAS SPICY !! AND I LOVE SPICY … But for those who dont like spicy you can order not spicy on certain menu items !!

    Now here is what i loved about the restaurant …

    + They had LYCHEES so yay !!

    + The amount of curries was amazing. my favourite and my recommendation is Gaeng Massamang Gai, which is a brown colored curry but extremely yummy !!

    + The concept, the whole of their Saturday brunches is basically revolving around where an authentic Thai Chef, creates an open buffet from for different reigons of Thailand, so i got educated on new Thai food other than just the main stream one.