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  • Risas Ladies Night

    Senorita Sangria Noche

    Risas is throwing a ladies night every wednesday, and they are taking their spanish twist on it, considering that they are the home of sangrias, every Wednesday they will do a different flavour of Sangria that is inspired by fresh summer colors with the launch event scheduled to take place this WEDNESDAY !! A WEEK FROM TODAY .. The night is dubbed as “Senorita Sangria Noche” which literally translates from spanish to Ladies Sangria Night !

    Senorita Sangria Noche


    check out below the event description from Risas itself

    Risas means happiness in Spanish, and well its going to dedicate a night of happiness to all the seniorites (ladies) out there. 

    Every Wednesday in Risas will be SEÑORITA’S Sangria Noche, where the ladies will have all night long FREE Sangrias !!! 

    Not just any Sangria, every Wednesday Risas, will make a signature sangria dedicated to the ladies and summer, so think fresh new sangria flavours you havent tasted yet! The Pink Sangria, The Golden, The Florescent Red is just among the few !! 

    Wednesday 18th of April, is the Launch of the Senoritas Sangria Night, and on the Launch night, Ladies will have unlimited – no time warranty – free GOLDEN SANGRIAS !!!

    The Golden Sangrias are white sangrias made with SPARKLING Wine!! (can you guess if its white or rose), and the Risas Secret Recipe !!! 

    But ladies if you are in the mood for something other than Sangria, well on the launch night Risas also will be offering complimentary sparkling wine