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  • Ramadan خيمة Guide

    The Ramadan Guide

    The Ramadan Guide

    Ramadan is around the corner, and well all what is considered cool is about to change! New venues will pop up! and venues we go to as our watering hole will be serving shisha, and our dress code will go micro skirts to mini skirts! but dont worry the paparazzi will be all over the ramadan tents to take your pictures. So to get spotted and be cool you have to be hanging in one of the following places.

    1-Le Capitol: Bab El Kahera 


    Le Capitol: Bab El Kahera .. p.s. this is not the final logo this a leaked out one ... i think.

    Le Capitol: Bab El Kahera is actually indeed cool, not because the aim to be or because anything but because as they promise, they are going to focus on what you use to make Ramadan venues actually fun, and that is by guaranteeing a good crowd of people who know each-other, where its really just  a gathering of like minded people, who can have fun with out the need to act all pretenious.

    Le Capitol: Bab El Kahera, boasts one of the only 360 views in town as it is on the rooftop of the Novotel hotel.

    Who is behind it you might ask ? Well Rawy Rizk, Nagaty, Wahba Brothers, they bring in years of experiance whether from quatro own prodigy Arjeela, or individual previous experience such Faraya < last year >, amici,  and the travel industry.

    follow them on  https://www.facebook.com/LeCapitol or www.twitter.com/LeCapitol 

    2- Tamarai does Ramadana!


    Ramadana Sents shop in Tamarai

    yes you heard this right and probably here first too. That Ramadana tent, the 1990′s concept of a tent founded by media mogul Tarek Nour is going to set home in Tamarai this year. Basically ramadana  is “ Founded by Tarek Nour in the early 90s, Ramadana was the first tent, which set the path to a whole array of Ramadan events in the years after. Every year Ramadana takes a new form, in a new place. This year Ramadana makes its way to Tamarai. ”

    The opening of this venue is scheduled to be on the 22nd of July, with the airing of the Ahly & Zamalek match

    3- Byganz does Y Lounge. 

    byGanz does Yasso

    YLounge, with is its nile view will be operated this year by …. byGanz, presenting you with “Al Khaima”

    Byganz will be bringing years of experience of operating ramadan tents, starting from back in the day with seqouia, then el Shagara … and Al Khaima!

    “Al Khaima sets you in the perfect Ramadan mood with its distinctive location overlooking the Nile.
    We grant a special Ramadan experience through indulging your senses with Lebanese gourmet food under the moonlight viewing Cairo while listening to oriental music.” expect a number of live entertainment and takht acts,  fortune tellers  and live performances every weekend.

    4. 3anil

    is a ramadan tradition every year brought you by hassan abaza’s RIMedia, and it will be taking place this year on the imperial boat  !! Just like last year, where it was this cozy place with PS3s on every table :)

    3anil 2012

    5. Tofaha 

    Tofaha is back this year, but this time in a new home. They moved from 33 abo el fida to blue nile atop of Opium.  Tofaha as a tent plays on the fact that Ramadan is in the summer, is building a tradition of having different summer themes.

    Tofaha tent is back this summer with a new summer theme, delicious exotic menu to meet your summer cravings and tantalizing shisha flavors. Again with a breath taking location on the Nile banks at the Blue Nile boat in zamalek.” 

    6. Terrace

    a picture from last year in Terrace

    The terrace is coming back this year with another big tent, so all you 6th of October residents and beyond have a place right next door to you. check out how the terrace themselves describe their tent:
    After the huge success last year, the popular tent returns this year with even more to offer. The real sentiment of Ramandan comes alive every night at THE TERRACE in DESIGNOPOLIS. Where families get together and friends catch up with each other, sharing the season’s traditional after-hours celebrations.. The elaborately decorated tent features all the amenities comfortable seating, traditional cuisine, Ramadan drinks & a huge variety of shisha Plasma screens, and traditional board games, and this year they added a playstation corner and a penalty shootout competition with a lucky winner to walk away with a grand prize. Live entertainment and standup comedy nights are the highlight of this fancy tent.

      7. Seqouia 


    do we really need an introduction to seqouia ? and their ramadan events ? well here what they have planned this year

     ”Over the years Sequoia has gained popularity as a favored spot for Cairo’s hip crowd to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.  Our endless strive for distinguished quality and style has helped us make every occasion extra special and unique. Three of Cairo’s most prominent designers have collaborated again this year to create Sequoia’s famous Ramadan experience. Interior design by the award-winning Eklego design house, uniforms exclusively designed by Amina K, and live audio & visual production by AKM.”

    8. Cairo Kitchen does Ramadan

    fishie loves cairo kitchen! yes that is a fact ! why because they have BROWN PASTA with their koshary well being.

    Eat there, Take out.. its all the same its Cairo Kitchen

    Cairo Kitchen has a blog, and well check out their blog on what they are are offering from Ramadan http://blog.cairokitchen.com/iftar-at-cairo-kitchen/ but in simple terms, think Egyptian food made simple. Fresh interior in the places and fresh food if you want delivery

     9-  Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro Ramadan 

    Scrumptious dishes at Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro

    Managed by International Restaurants Group (IRG) [the management company behind Casper & Gambini’s in Egypt], Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro offers delectable Lebanese cuisine with a twist. Throughout the month of Ramadan, Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro is offering delivery and dine in guests two set menus for Iftar & Sohour with a complimentary shisha coupon, which can be redeemed the following day at the outlet, till the end of Ramadan.

    Location : Nile City Towers Mall, 1st floor, 2005 Corniche El Nil.

    Delivery : (02) 24619766

    Restaurant : (02) 2461 9944

    i love Zeitouna !

    10- Hungry for casper & gambini’s ?

    Casper & Gambini’s has something on its menu for everyone!

    This Ramadan they’re offering those who are at home, an Iftar set menu for small or large groups. Guests will receive a complimentary coupon with their order where they will be able to enjoy desserts from the new Deli Section or a shisha at the Mall of Arabia branch terrace the following day, till the end of Ramadan.

    Delivery  : Nile City Towers Mall, 1st floor, 2005 Corniche El Nil – (02) 2461 9199

    Delivery : Mall of Arabia , 6th of October City, Gate 2 – (012) 2666 8880

    Restaurant : Citystars – (02) 2480 2410



     11 – Abd el Wahab 

    located right on the banks of the nile Abdel Wahab with its Lebanese cuisine will be offering this ramadan something different. They are banking on more than their food, think live entertainment, themed weekends and more.  check them out on facebook while they reveal more to come https://www.facebook.com/AbdelWahabEgypt

    The Abd El Wahab Way