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  • Pril Is Spreading the Goodness This Ramadan


    As we all gather up around the table at Iftar time, drooling over the amount of food presented, we keep counting down to the minute we will start shoving food into our mouths. Speaking of gatherings, Egyptians are surely masters on the matter; indeed, there is always more than enough food for everyone at any given gathering. This is where Pril’s initiative comes in. Indeed, Pril’s initiative is all about sharing food with others. Pril looks to bring back that spirit of generosity that Ramadan and Egyptians are famous for. For example, growing up, we always had a neighbour who would bring by a plate of cake, our parents would accordingly fill the plate with another food item when returning it to our friendly neighbour. Given such acts, Egyptians have justifiably gained themselves a reputation for being an excessively generous, and incredibly welcoming people, as Egyptians know how to transform generosity from a one-time act to a constant cycle.

    Pril’s initiative aims to perpetuate this cycle by asking some very important questions: why let all this delicious food go unshared? How about your neighbours, why not share your food with them?

    Accordingly, Pril decided to collaborate with the Egyptian Food Bank in their new initiative to spread goodness around Egypt, with the help of social media users. Pril wants us everyone to join them and be part of it too. All you have to do is:

    • Fill your plate with food

    • Publicly share your plate on Facebook using hashtags: #متوفقش_اللمة_عندك &


    • Nominate your friends and family to do the same by tagging them in your submission.

    Pril will donate a meal to the food bank for every plate shared online.

    What are you still waiting for? Grab your plate & your phone and let’s be generous this Ramadan.



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