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  • #NomNom: Cairo Bites Returns for 2015


    After debuting last April, Egypt’s biggest food festival is set to return for its second edition. Penciled in for the weekend of April 17th and 18th, the guys at Cairo Bites are looking to step things up a few notches, with the festival being held at Family Park at km26 of the Cairo-Suez Road – a much larger space than Baron Palace, where last year’s festival took place.

    Though the location has changed, the aim of Cairo Bites hasn't; expect to find food from every corner of Cairo, as you try to refrain from falling into a fit of indecisiveness, before jumping mouth-first into two days of binge-eating.

    But apart from the insatiable appetites of Cairenes, Cairo Bites also presents a great opportunity for local F&B business to get their names out to the public - something that's become increasingly difficult to do in the sea of generic restaurants and cafes in the city.

    If you're a business owner looking to take part in Cairo Bites call 01097900044 or email info@cairobites.com. For everyone else, let's get fat.