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  • New Restaurant in Zamalek: Flame & Grill to Open Imminently


    When Nola’s Zamalek branch closed its doors out of the blue, the island’s cupcake fanatics were left in despair, having to look elsewhere for a quick red velvet fix.

    As usual, Cairo’s rumour mill threw out plenty of speculation; is Nola going out of business? Are they expanding? Was there a massive cupcake heist? Whatever the situation, Nola has since confirmed that it will re-open in Zamalek, while the shop’s old space has been taken over by new restaurant, Flame & Grill, which looks like it’s ready to open any day now.

    Details of Zamalek’s newest dining addition are scarce, and it turns out that knocking on the glass and asking intrusive questions isn’t welcome – but that’s never stopped the CG spiesbefore. Stay tuned for more info…