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  • New Karetta on the Block! New Foul Cart to Open in Zamalek Tonight!


    These days, the first reaction to the opening of a new restaurant in Cairo is usually one that involves rolling the eyes and maybe even a casual ‘meh’.

    However, Zamalek will now wake up to the scent of fresh foul coming from Maraashly Street; as a neo-traditional foul cart, Karroo promises to be next big thing. Finally a change from the plethora of burger joints and cupcake stores that has engulfed the entire Zamalek dining scene, it’s back to basics with these guys. Picture the excitement of sinking your teeth into an authentic Egyptian taste from a street cart -  we know where we’re having sohour tonight.

    Watch out Zooba, these boys mean business. Karoo opens tonight for sohour at 10PM. For more info, check out the Karroo Facebook page – there’s nothing on there yet, though.