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  • New Branch of NOLA Cupcakes to Open in Korba, Heliopolis

    For those living in Heliopolis, it was only rarely that they got the pleasure of sampling the exquisite sugary treats that NOLA bakes up. Fret no more! The famous cupcake purveyors behind NOLA have announced a new branch to open in the gorgeous Korba area of Heliopolis. Rest easy Heliopolites, there will be no more exhausting drives to Maadi after the unfortunate closure of their Zamalek branch for your sugar cravings. For the rest of us in Zamalek, We love NOLA, and we want NOLA to be happy, and what will make NOLA happy is finding a new place to set up shop in Zamalek. Come home NOLA.

    The brains behind NOLA, Laila and Adel Sedky, invite one and all to the the new branch’s official opening on Monday 7th, 6PM-10PM.