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  • Mori Sushi to Cater Special Events at D-CAF 2016


    As we sit on the eve of D-CAF’s annual return, we know what you’re all thinking – all that experimental artsy stuff sure does make you hungry, right?

    While eating during the festival usually involves scoffing down a couple of kebda sandwiches from ‘that cart around the corner’ or a hastily spiced tub of koshary, this year, Mori Sushi will have a strong presence at D-CAF, catering some of the festival’s key events.

    Yes, the premier sushi restaurant in Cairo is dipping its fingers in the art scene for the biggest cultural festival in Egypt, providing Cairo’s most passionate art followers with Japan’s second greatest export – its greatest is anime body-pillows, obviously. Or maybe karaoke is their best export – Japan has given the world a lot, guys.

    Why Mori, you ask? Well, any sushi fan will understand that the delicacy of this cuisine is an art unto itself and so the restaurant’s support of the arts scene in Cairo is a natural move for what is widely considered the most popular source of sushi in Egypt. That’s a strong enough link between the two, right? Aside from that, however, the partnership comes as one of the latest CSR-collaborations for Mori with some of the most innovative institutions in Egypt, as the chain looks to show its support for local artists in its involvement in what is an increasingly eclectic and diverse scene.

    It’s an unlikely partnership, but one that makes sense – sushi is quick, easy and can be gobbled down in one bite, while still allowing you to nod and say ummm and aaah as you stroke your chin in agreement, as if you totally understand what the nebulous, out-there performance you’re watching is about.

    For more information on this mighty tag-team of art and sushi, click here.

    By Kalam El Qahaira