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  • Molokheya W/ Rabbits Health benefits.


    I have no idea why, but in the back of my head i always thought of Egyptian food as unhealthy. Lately however with me getting fitter, and going to the gym more regularly i had  to start  paying attention to what I eat. Need to have a varied sources of proteins, i cant be eating just Chicken and Beef. Need to include, beans, dairy, fish, duck, turkey and more.

    So a few days ago i read somewhere that rabbits is a good source of protein. Naturally,  I was like why not have for lunch Molkehya with Rabbits. Whilst the food was cooking in the kitchen.  I did a bit of digging on its nutritional value. I didn’t know realize it was that healthy.

    So lets start with a basic a calorie count. As you can see a single serving of rabbit,  is very high in proteins we are talking 99 grams if you are eating a single piece ( 300 grams ). Having 99 grams of proteins is a body builders holy grail proteins source, as on average they require around 50-80Grams a day . But like Shrimps, it has the major disadvantage of very high cholesterol, which is why it cant be part of a daily diet.




    Molokehya on the other hand is “Packed with essential minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, as well as Vitamins C, E, and K, ” and also proving to be a potent antioxidant, more over higher in nutrition value than Spanish itself.

    So all in all, when you put the two together you really are getting a super healthy meal. Only thing as egyptians mum’s and everyone prepares it with white rice, what would make this dish even more healthy if you substitute the White rice with brown rice.