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    In the midst of the diverse resturants hosted in the Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers  there is MARIA’s, now unlike any other Mexican resturant you ate in cairo, Maria’s is an actual authentic resturant, headed by the chef Socarates’, and as you would see from the pictures above, Maria’s is not only a place to eat, its a place wheere you can enjoy your drink too, forget the Guinness Dark Beer they had (YUMMY), but they have Tequila collections that include some of the high-end tequila’s … Patron & Don Julio

    Head Chef: Socarates


    From the food perspective, we had a number of the typical mexican dishies, among other dishes, that i cant even spell their name! I leave you with this though, the food was fantastic, and not restuarant fantastic, it had this HOME-MADE taste to it ! This probably could be attributed to the fact the chef himself is Mexican, and well when i met him you could feel the Chef, you could feel the way he cooks is using his soul to cook, and that gives the food this hearty home-made taste to it!