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  • Mass Maadi Restaurant Shutdown?


    Weeks after several Zamalek cafes were shutdown by local authorities, Cairo Governor, Galal El-Saied, has ordered the closure of five Maadi fast-food restaurants, including the Nasr Street branches of McDonalds, Gad and the Bakery.

    The orders have been given in response to several complaints from local residents about the hygienic practices of the restaurants. Though the governor’s orders came on Monday this week, Egypt Independent has found that the restaurants are still operating, with employees at the Bakery stating that, although the store received an email about the decision, they have not yet received an official notice. 

    While the reasons for the alleged closures seem above board – sewage issues and building violations being the most offensive – it begs the question of how many restaurants and cafes around Cairo would be shutdown if held to the same standards.