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  • Lou’s Food Corner @ Amic



    Lou's Food Corner

    Today Alia AbdelRahman is launching her food corner, her food corner, lou’s is about “Everything Food in one place! Easy recpies, where to buy your ingredients, up and coming restaurants, restaurant critiques, cooking with chefs,food facts, and so much more!”

    follow lou on facebook on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/LousFoodCorner

    The launch event will be where LOU her self cooks for us a dinner in Amici…. and guess what the menu is all about

    *Loose Leaf Salad with Almonds (with a honey vinaigrette)
    *Shrimp Apple Corn Salad (with a horseradish mayo dill dressing)

    *Pasta with truffle oil and sun-dried tomatoes with a rose sauce
    *Potatoes Dauphinoise

    *Beef Fillet with Creamy Balsamic Sauce
    *Chicken Breasts with honey Dijon creamy herb garlic sauce


    *Side Portion of the pasta with truffle oil
    *Side Portion of the Dauphinoise Potatoes
    *Sauteed mushrooms
    *French Fries
    *Mixed Vegies


    *Date Gratin
    *Creme Burlee