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  • Left Bank


    When you head to Sequoia you must have noticed this big sign of under construction of LEFT BANK!

    Well what is left bank ? is it related to the left bank in Dubai and Oman ? …

    well i highly doubt it is related it might be just a coincident in names, but this one is called LEFTBANK for a reason, because it is located on the left bank of the nile!!! (not because its a leftist bank of money ;) )

    anyway so i passed last night and noticed something GENIUS ABOUT THE DESIGN !! yes i said genius !! if you look at the picture and look at the floor, you will just notice random lines, well guess what they are NOT random at all !!! it actually is a the map of tahrir and down town! with the door entrance having a big black circle representing the Tahrir Square and dark tiles branching out of it is the actual streets in the downtown.

    It was quiet moving just to be standing there on top of a block that is supposedly representing AUC and looking at tahrir, again, the DESIGN IS GENIUS !

    even my critical friend Mr. Designer, who critics anything to do with construction kept on going about how well the iron i dont know what of the roof was super strong and great and the design and the glass and all those architectural mambo jambo that i dont understand!