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  • Left Bank | Safi | Fundraiser


    Nile’s FM Safi has gone mental… but at least mental for a good cause!

    Tomorrow in Left bank, there will be an event to raise 20,000 L.E to be given to education charities around the region !

    But thats not all, after he collects this money ! Safi is going on a tuktuk across india to raise awareness about the education ! find out more info on this even below !

    FB Event Link : https://www.facebook.com/events/381674805238316/


    The Idea:

    Safi has gone absolutely mental and has decided to race across the
    entire North of India for 2 weeks, spanning 3500km for a great
    cause….in a tuktuk!

    The Objective:To tell you all about an insane adventure, and how you can take part
    and support 4 different charity organizations that this expedition
    will benefit . The main aim is to raise 20,000LE in ONE night! If 100
    people attend this fundraiser, paying 200 LE each, we’re there! All
    the proceeds will go directly to 4 different charities

    [/one_third] [one_third]

    The Charities:

    The theme we are supporting is “Education” and we wanted to make as
    global an impact as we could, so we chose 3 education charities
    spanning, India, Gaza & Egypt. Our 4th charity works in maintaining
    clean water supplies to those in need.

    Educate-Me Egypt (50% of proceeds)
    Frankwater India (30% of proceeds)
    SOS Hope Village – Gaza (10% of proceeds)
    Asha for Education – India (10% of proceeds)

    [/one_third] [one_third_last] The Entertainment:

    Egypt’s top comedy band High on Body Fat will be performing some of
    their top hits, and Educate-Me’s Amr Salanekly will be giving a talk
    about Educate-Me. Safi will be telling us all about the other
    charities, and the race itself, how we can track him during, and what
    sort of updates he’ll be sending during the journey, and the wildlife
    he’ll probably be running into!

    Left Bank will be open exclusively for this fundraiser from 8pm – 10pm on Monday, 27th Augus