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  • le captiol: overdose

    I am sure you must have … i mean must have heard of Le Capitol, but did you see it ? tonight Le Capitol opens as a soft opening with tomorrow the official opening .. i.e have your first suhor in LeCapitol..

    so here is a glimpse of le Capitol : Bab El Kahera and also some of their funny posts on facebook FYI you can follow them on  https://www.facebook.com/LeCapitol  p.s. these pictures are all taking during the 30 minutes of sunset 6:40-7:10pm .. so notice the sun and the view changing !!


    now other than View Le Capitol promises to make sure the venue is about the actual fun, its not about snobbishness, its not about looking at staring at each other in a dazed and confused way, its about just having fun like you always use to. They started a campaign linking us to old child hood memories, setting your expectation that Ramadan is just about loosing your inhibitions and finding your inner playful child, who knows what truly fun is. enjoying things in its simplest forms.