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    I heart IRG.

    What is IRG (International Restaurants Group) you might ask, well its the company managing Casper & Gambini’s and Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro in Cairo. Isn’t that enough reason to love them?

    I am not saying that because they are one of my advertisers ( check banner above ) but I am saying that because I truly like what they do. I like the hygiene of the food, I like its freshness and I love their attention to details.

    I even got introduced to how they cook a few months back, when I joined the ‘Cooking with a Twist’ cooking class at Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro, where I have learnt that you have to use three different chopping boards, for chicken, beef, and veggies. Who knew? … I always used only one!

    I literally live on their delivery..  from Casper & Gambini’s my regular order is the Low Fat Chicken Baguette along with a Santa Fe Salad. As for Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro, my regular order is the Chicken Tawouk and Warak 3enab.

    And in Ramadan, that has not changed, I still live off them! To be honest I am more of a Zeitouna fan during Ramadan maybe because the oriental feel of the food , but I also like their Shish Tawouk, it’s not easy to get your hands on good tasting chicken in the capital. Plus for me I need proteins at Iftar to keep me going at the gym, afterwards, and also something that can be digested quickly !

    Better try out their Ramadan Delivery Menus before the holy month is over!