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  • Interview with Lou’s Food Corner



    This tuesday, cairo it will be taken down a notch with Lou’s Food Corner, when they do Y lounge!

    Yes Alia AbdelRahman, own of Lou Food corner is doing a night there where you get to try her delicious food ! but that not it, there will also be live talent showing including but not limited to

    Nadya Shanab (guitar & vocals)
    Gold Seed (http://www.myspace.com/goldseed)
    Swagger (super cool dance crew)
    Final act will be a surprise!

    So as CG always does, it got a chance to sit down with Lou and interview her, so you can get to know the girl behind LOU’s Food Corner more

    Lou in the Four Seasons cooking !

    How do you love food so much yet maintain a hot fit body, I always was taught food is evil?!

    Well the saying goes “never trust a skinny chef!”, but I say you must trust them.. A skinny Chef gets full from tasting their food over and over, an overweight one just eats their food and doesn’t taste it. lol
    Food is not evil! You just need to know how to eat right… Since i started cooking I started to taste a lot , and so I started have many small meals but several times a day and that makes your metabolism work faster.. Instead of having one big meal or two, have many small ones.

    Do you ever wake up at 3am and go secretly to fridge and have a late night snack ?

    I do worse…. Sometimes i order food late at night, and others i cook something up.. I am always hungry!

    Jokes aside, what’s your favorite ingredient to cook with ?

     I don’t have one favorite ingredient, but i like ingredients that have a kick… Dijon mustard, horseradish, Wasabi, and my special species.

    What your favorite cuisine

    I love Italian food, and I love french food..

    What’s the one dish that you find most challenging to cook ?

    Well ill tell you something i never find a challenge in things i cook.. But I can’t bake.. I hate that baking has to have a specific recipe and you have to follow it exactly with great precision. To me food is more of a taste thing. I hate following recipes

    What’s your signature in cooking ?

    Well its hard to say, since different people like different things, But i would say you know its my food cause it always feels like a gourmet meal, but it has a home cooked feel. It’s basically food cooked with love.

    What inspired you to start cooking ?

    Well my dad used to make me breakfast, and i always loved a man that cooked. Cause usaly most men chef cook because they love it.. So i saw his love for cooking.. In addition to my dad, My grandma always used to cook and the way she cooked and how passionate she was about cooking made me Love cooking. The last thing and the most important point… Is that i Love to cook and feed people to see their faces when they have the first bite.. You know that bite, when you close your eyes and make a sound.. I love it! It’s like satisfying a person by something you created.. I think food is one of the easiest pleasures you can give someone.

    Do you believe in celebrity chefs? Or do you feel they are just over publicized ?

    Well some are over publicized, but if they can back it up then i believe in them. Some of them are amazing and worth all the fame they get, but i have known some that i was excited about and when i tasted their food i was very disappointed

    What’s your utopia dream of being chef, what’s your future plans and dreams ?

    The world is the limit. With Lou’s Food Corner i wanted to start it all on my own. No help from my parents or any aid.. I just wanted to start it from the bottom and build my way up. I want to own a chain of restaurants with different cuisines.. Ie. Lou’s Mexican, Lou’s Italian, Lou’s tapas, Lou’s Asian, and so forth… I like to diversify myself and cater to every ones needs.

    What flavour are you going to introduce in yasso dinner this Tuesday ?

    Well about Tuesdays flavor’s check out my event page to know the menu. https://www.facebook.com/events/398673456842469  have a lot of summer flavors, mostly sea food, with a vegetarian dish or two, and one my special fatet makdous for those who crave something Arabian.