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  • inside Coffee Bean Zamalik

    If you pass by Coffee Bean in Zamalik (the one infront of Om Kalthoum hotel) you will find an electric generator. And many of you would be right to wonder-”why?”. Why is that spot in specific hooked up to an electric generator?

    According to rumors, the owner of the building is trying to evict Coffee Bean, but since there is a signed contract, he decided to use altenative methods to force them out of the building. Very cunning indeed. And the man has been rather busy, frequently cutting off electricity , making sure water leaks from the above balaconies onto seated patrons, and the list goes on people.

    Keep in mind these are just rumors, Question is though…Why does he want them out? Word on the street is that the owner of the building has been offered triple the price for the location from a bank. Cant blame the man, the times are a little rough as they say.

    If that really is the case, then shame on the owner, because without coffee bean there, that quadrant of zamalik would loose its spirit. The only reason why that area is high in value and is ALWAYS busy is because of coffee bean. 

    But if the rumors are untrue, which they often times are, then shame on the people for spreading it. 

    CG xx