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  • Hellofood Middle East Buys Otlob.com


    In the biggest takeover since AOL bought Time Warner, Hellofood Middle East has today announced that it has acquired Otlob.com. Well, maybe we’re going over the top a little, but it does spell big things for the future of the online food ordering website.

    Now, for a brief history lesson. Having launched way back when in 1999, Otlob.com has been a godsend to those that just can’t be bothered to pick up a phone and suffer through talking to another human being (yours truly included), allowing users to have food ordered from over 500 different restaurants across Cairo with a few clicks of a button.

    In the matter of a few years, Otlob quickly grew – it now operates in Alexandria, Tanta, Hurghada, Port Said and Asiut, as well as the capital – and in 2002 was acquired by A15, then a subsidiary of the seemingly galactic force that is Orascom Telecom.

    “We have been deeply impressed with Otlob’s performance and scale for some time, and this acquisition will cement Otlob’s market-leading position in the massive Egyptian market,” said Co-Managing Director of Hellofood/Otlob, Khailil Bouassida. “Combined with Hellofood’s international expertise in the Middle East, Africa and globally, Otlob is now poised for turbocharged growth.”

    Co-Managing Directors, Walid Saadany (L) and Khailil Bouassida (R), pose like total gangstas.

    But what does this mean for you and I?

    Well, for one, Otlob as it exists now will be getting a swanky new makeover, as will the Otlob app, which will also be receiving a much-needed revamp to streamline the overall user experience. What Hellofood will bring to the table is a seemingly endless pit of expertise in this very particular field to widen Otlob’s reach, portfolio and customer experience.

    All this talk about acquisitions and user experiences has made us hungry. If only there was a way to order food conveniently, while also staying glued to the computer and refreshing this page every two minutes to see if it got more ‘Likes’…oh wait, there is – Otlob.com.

    By Hungry, Hungry Haisam Awad