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  • Hello Leonardo

    Rissotto with Mushrooms & Truffles

    Rissotto with Mushrooms & Truffles

    I love Risotto ! no i really love Risotto and i would travel the distance from Zamalek all the way to heliopolis for one ! YES I LOVE RISOTTO !  If it was up to me i would swim in Risotto, i would eat Risotto All Day, I would have babies with Risotto and marry it ! but sadly marrying food is not legal yet ! [keyword: being yet, i am going to vote today for the president that will make marrying food legal !]

    that being said on Tuesday i did the trip to go visit one of my clients [as you can see from the banner above] Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers   and decided to try out their Italian restaurant for lunch, and OMG, sometimes i wish i was a food critique just to have the vocabulary on how to make it sound hot !  but as i always say pictures speak more than words … so check it out

    So other than the Risotto, me and my friend from Prime Magazine had the Fillet, The pasta with minced veal (yes veal !!) the mixed green Salad, and the infamous italian caprese salad! now everything was perfect as expected, but me a lover of good mozzarella cheese, which people would know its difficult to find found the caprese exceptional !

    oh did we mention they have a nice collection of italian wine there ! and did we mention the desert  ! again pictures speak !