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  • Healthy Food online?



    imagine the possibility of buy healthy egyptian or exported food online while you are at home stalking people on facebook ? or ready my blog… well now you can !!! check out the website www.ngs-egypt.com

    you know how fishie is a health freak ( granted it still could loose a pound or 5) but when i stumbled upon this website i was like DAYUM !  I had to click the about section … and so i did ! http://ngs-egypt.com/pages/about-us

    “ Every Idea starts as a dream

    In 2009 Tarek El Gammal started Nature’s Gifts Stores to create health awareness among the Egyptians and offer products that promote a healthier way of living . Aware that taste matters, he set out to create a comprehensive line of products that would both satisfy the taste buds and provide the nutrients everyone needs. 
    After two years in this business Tarek realized that most of the high quality Egyptian products are being exported and the Egyptian market is left with low grade local and imported products. 
    To offer a proper alternative he founded Kheir Misr, an Egyptian brand that offers locally produced, very high quality and completely natural with no added chemicals products. By using Kheir Misr products we not only support a worthwhile Egyptian alternative and Egyptian labor, we also break the image that imported is preferable over local produced goods. ”  
    but what really showed me they cared about the food was not the fact their online shop had chemical free … is they put a link to this video on their website !!