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  • Halal Wine Released in Dubai, Emiratis Cry “What’s the Point?”


    Oxymorons – Egypt and the Middle East are full of them. But one Emirati company may have taken the biscuit.

    Lootah Premium Foods has produced Lussory – a halal, non-alcoholic wine. The grapes used to make Lussory are apparently imported from Spain and it’s made exactly in the same way as normal wine, according to the company.

    But it wouldn't be Dubai without an extra touch of luxury and, in true Arab Money-style, the wine includes an edible 24-carat gold leaf - mostly because why the heck not, but also partly because bling-bling, money ain't a thing.

    Check out the Lussory Wines official Facebook page for more information. Or pop down to Drinkies and grab some of Egypt's finest.