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  • GoodCals Vs Saladero


    fishie vs kittie


    The never ending debate between fishie and kittie is who is better goodcals or Saladero … on side Fishie says GoodCals … Kittie says GoodCals.

    so lets break it down:



    - Grilled Chicken
    - Better atmosphere
    - has sandwiches with bread from TBS with brown bread as an option 
    - has imported olives and french lettuce (fishie loves french lettuce)


    - Calorie count is useless as when you customize your own sandwich or salad it messes everything up.
    - 1 portion for serving
    - packaging not take away friend, eventhough very sexy packaging, yet not practical as the salad is filled to the top and when you try to addressing and shake it things fall out



    - has more options
    -  comes with options of two portions
    - has wraps
    - more sauces variety
    - the way the salad is cut is more wholesome. 


    - un-attractive packaging
    - no grilled chicken, only fried. 
    Conclusion: Saladero is better, however if you cant eat fried chicken and you like chicken in your salad, then go for goodcals, saladero salads are actually more tasty and has more appeal to it, and they also come with fishie’s favorite dressings such as yogurt and honey mustard