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  • #Givemeanothershot: A Wave of Mysterious Dark Blue Takes Over Blue40’s Social Media Accounts


    While there is an ongoing battle royale to win Blue 40’s emerging DJs competition, Blue40 is preparing another surprise for everyone who has been loyal to the brand.

    #givemeanothershot has been updating their social media accounts (FB & IG) with some very mysterious dark blue pictures on Facebook; and a 3*3 dark blue pictures on IG. Although we tried to dig deep and look for a leak here or there, the folks at Blue40 are making our jobs tougher.



    Because Blue40 decided to tease the lot of us, we thought it’d be better if we waste some time hypothesising about what is it they are gonna do.

    First off, if you associate the colour blue with their brand, this will look more like a teaser for a new product. Regardless, we are not sure why they went with a relatively dark blue colour, they could have just gone with the lighter blue that the brand is known for.

    But, when we gave it a second thought, we believe that it could be part of an elaborate scheme to release something that will catch you off guard; something that is most probably associated with super dark environments, something that will keep you lit.

    In the end, these are just mere assumptions, but we can’t wait to put our hands on whatever it is they are going to do/release.