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  • Get Ramadan Catered! Get Lou’ed


    Disadvantages of ramadan 3azeyem, is the cooking process, how to cook the perfect meal for X Amount of people… well Lou’s Food corner to the rescue

    Want to invite over people over fitar? Can’t be bothered to cook, or go through the hassle? Guess What…. Lou’s Food Corner is here to make your life easier.. Give me the number of people, what you would like to eat, and your budget and ill make it happen.. Lou’s mission is to spread food that is made with love and join people together in food gatherings. Cause nothing makes a person happier than good food, joined by good company. 

    Lou’s is not limited to a menu, but if you need some ideas, here is a hint of what she can whip up for you

    [one_third] Fatoush Salad
    Different leaf salad with (Lou’s special salad dressing)

    Attayef/Sambousak with Philadelphia
    Attayef/Sambousak with Philadelphia and olives

    Cream of Chicken and Corn Soup
    Broccoli Soup

    Mixed Vegetable Creamy Soup
    [/one_third] [one_third] Fatet Makdous

    Fatet Dawood Pasha
    Fata with rice and meat
    Roasted Beef with mushrooms, capers, and Lou’s special sauce (balsamicy with a touch of sweetness)Piccata with mushrooms and creamFillet with mustard/balsamic/mushroom

    Mini Kofta Lemon


    Chicken strips with olives and a cream sauce

    Honey Dijon Creamy Chicken breasts

    Sharkaseya over a bed of Herbed Bassmati rice with fried chicken on top

    Herbed Rice, with spices and nuts

    Pasta with a mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes with a rose sauce

    Pasta white sauce with mushrooms.


    Fattet dawood basha