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  • Friday May 24. ELYX.


    In the  early 80s & 90s Absolut has quiet change the Vodka culture in the United States and in the world, it made Vodka Cool & Funky. But Absolut history goes way beyond that, it goes a century before that, Absolut Vodka was created in 1879.

    & Now Absolut is taking Vodka another step further, with its eXquisite, Premium new Vodka called Absolut ELYX!!

    well people of Cairo, yes we have been put on the map. This friday we people of Egypt will get to taste the Absolut Elyx in an eXtraordinaire private party/invite only taking place in Tamarai, where Cairo’s chivalrous people have been invited to it.

    Get ready to get your taste bud teased with the tantalising taste of perfection.