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  • Four Seasons First Residence Valentine Offer


    in the times we are in, we tend to forget about LOVE.  and well when i received this email from Four Seasons First Residence ! i was like damn ! valentine is around the corner ! check out their promotion below

    Valentine Promotion:


    Enjoy the moments of love, romance and bliss with your lovely one on the special day with the lavish of chocolate, delicious strawberry, touching of the magical hand of therapist from top to toe, romantic Nile view Spa Suite with enlightening of candles and flowing aromatic burner. Bucket of rose and glass of champagne is perfect combination at the conclusion of the treatment to revive your Valentine Day.

    For Couple (husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son and etc) additional 1 hour to use the facilities:

    1. Luxury of Love(120):
      • Chocolate Body Massage, Classic Facial (120’):   483$ inkl price Time together

    A treatment on the day of love, first we apply the warm chocolate with a brush , the sensation become more intense and follow up by a relaxing massage  with  warm chocolate. Finish with a classical Facial , cleaning ,peeling ,massage and a mask.


    1. “Sweetheart” Body Polish and Massage (150’):    507$ inkl  price time toght
      • Brown Sugar Body Polish and Balinese Massage


    A complete body polish with pure brown sugar, take of all the dead cells, and your skin

    become like a baby skin. Follow by a full body massage in Balines style and with warm oil.

    Pamper yourself in special day with our special treatment designed to balance and nurture your body, mind and soul. Complimentary of special gift and Strawberry Rose tea will serve at the conclusion of the treatment.

    For Single:

    1. Essence of Champaca (90’):  186$
    • Tropical Magnolia


    This treatment is a complete body massage incl face ,deliver digestive benefit and makes you relax deeply .Tropical Magnolia is a luxurious skincare made from Sodashi and 100% chemical free and it designed to work holistically to nurture the  and enchance overall wellbeing.

    1.   Healing Touch (90”):  229$
    • Reflexology and Reiki  ,Head and Face Massage

    Reflexology works on the reflex points on the feet which transmits Qi impulses along the meridian line to the affected organ and muscle of the body, releases stress, and eliminate the body toxin.

    Reiki is a hands on technique used for healing  mind ,body and spirit. Reiki can be used to gently, give loving energy that naturally replenishes and   renew ones vital forces, as it strengthens the immune system.

    Finish with a light face and head massage working on pressure points.