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  • Four Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Irish Whiskey This St. Patrick’s Day


    Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing better than a Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks – just two ice cubes, please. But special occasions call for special drinks and with the hustle and bustle of life in Cairo, finding the right ingredients at the right time for some of the more elaborate whiskey cocktails can be a drag – we need great drinks and we need them fast.

    There’s no bigger occasion on a whiskey’s drinker’s calendar than St. Patrick’s Day, which this year falls on Monday 17thof March, so here are a few simple, delicious variations on that magical thing called whiskey that will ensure a great – and of course responsible – night.

    Jameson & Lemonade
    Sounds a little wrong, but tastes so, so right, this concoction is often referred to as (Ernest) Hemmingway’s Lemonade. But don’t use a lemon and lime soft drink – get yourself some good quality stuff. It’s like a homemade whiskey sour, but with an extra fizzy kick.

    But how???
    -Pour whiskey generously in glass over ice.
    -Add lemonade, to taste.
    -Stir if you must
    -That’s literally it.

    Jameson & Ginger Ale
    Ginger ale isn’t quite as popular in Egypt as it is in the West, but boy does it do magical things to a generous serving of Jameson. It gives the whiskey a subtle, yet present, sweetness that makes it a perfect drink to start off your night with. Add a little squeeze of fresh lemon for a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

    But how???
    -Make sure ginger ale is as cold as it can be without being frozen – super, super cold.
    -Pour whiskey into glass liberally.
    -Add ginger ale to taste.
    -Add a squeeze of lemon, drop wedge, slice into drink, stir.

    The Leprechaun

    They say that the most simple things can bring the most happiness, and this one is easy as pie; whiskey and tonic water. Naturally, the better the ingredients, the better the end result, so a premium tonic water is recommended. Light and refreshing, this is one for the real whiskey aficionado who savours the taste of that sweet, sweet liquid gold.

    But how???
    -Pour just a couple of ounces of whiskey into a tumbler over ice.
    -Add chilled tonic water to taste.
    -Add small squeeze of lemon.
    -Contemplate the existence of leprechauns.

    Burning Bush

    Possibly the best-named cocktail on this list, the Burning Bush is a mind-bogglingly simple combination that brings together a little hot water and a dash of honey with whiskey and a slice of lemon. It’s like a blanket for your insides and it’s the drink you have before snuggling into bed – the closest thing to having a warm whiskey bath.

    But how???
    -Place lemon wedge in tall mug.
    -Pour two shot glasses of whiskey and one teaspoon of honey.
    -Fill with water.
    -Make another one.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Cairo! And remember; don 't get into too much trouble! And by that, I mean 'drink responsibly'....