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  • Foul, Glorious Foul: Knorr’s Foul Festival Set to Make World Record Attempt


    This weekend, Zamalek’s Al Horreya Park is hosting something outrageous, spectacular and quite surreal – the Foul Festival. That simple, little modest bean that has come to be a staple of Egyptian breakfast is being celebrated because, well, why not?

    Set to take place on Saturday 21st of March, the festival is the brainchild of food giant, Knorr, and is shaping up to be a family-friendly day out. Kicking off at 2PM, local brands and designers are set to line the park for a bazaar, while some of the city’s most popular restaurants, cafes and bakeries will setting up shop, too.

    The day will also see popular local band, Wust El balad, perform, though the centrepiece of this carnival of food, drink and entertainment is a world record attempt at the biggest foul dish to ever be assembled – a dish that is said to be 100 m2. Just to repeat; a 10 metre by 10 metre dish full of foul.

    The festival is the latest in an increasing number of food-based festival and the second attempt at breaking a world record for the largest food serving since January’s Koshary Festival.

    Who knows what’s next? The biggest single taameya in the world? The world’s biggest hawawshi? How about the biggest ever straw in the biggest bag of sugar can juice? Pipe-dreams. Sigh.

    For tickets and more information, click here or check out Knorr’s official Facebook page.