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  • Five Ridiculously Good DIY Cocktails for the Beach


    Beach season has well and truly arrived and many a Cairene are already hightailing out of the city to the Egypt’s many coasts.

    But whether you’re going to Sahel or Sokhna, sandy beer and warm wine just won’t do. My recently acquired bottles of Absolut, Jameson and Chivas Regal have reignited my broken dreams of being a world class mixologist and creative juices are flowing all over the place.

     Here are five simple, but mind-bogglingly, delicious cocktails using basic ingredients that you can take to the beach.  


    Absolut/Orange Juice/Cranberry Juice

    We all know about the ever popular Screwdriver, but this is 2014, damn it – the simple combination of vodka and orange juice just doesn’t cut it anymore. Fear not; the simple addition of cranberry juice takes things up a notch and adds that brilliant dry sweetness of cranberry to the mix.

    Absolut Water

    Absolut/Water/Lemon Wedge

    Now, before you get your knickers in a twist, hear me out. Yes, the idea of watering down a valuable glass of Absolut is a sin, but this is perfect for the beach. Whether sparkling or still, a little splash of water – plus a squeeze of lemon – makes this a perfect drink to keep sun worshippers hydrated and fresh the morning after.

    Cape Cod

    Absolut/Cranberry Juice/Lime

    I guess it’s no secret at this point that we’re big fans of cranberry juice at Cairo Gossip headquarters. The Cape Cod is another beach-friendly cocktail – but don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple makeup. The sweet aroma of cranberry juice and the sharp tang of a lime are a perfect foil for Absolut.

    Whiskey Cranberry

    Jameson/Cranberry Juice/Lime Wedge

    Yeah, cranberry again – get over it. Personally, I like my Jameson on the rocks and this, admittedly, is a strange one that whiskey purists will hard find to compute. Give it a try though; it’s nothing short of genius. Guys, there’s no shame in holding a girly, crimson drink.

    Chivas Kiwi Chai

    Chivas Regal/Lemon Juice/Apple Juice/Kiwi

    If you thought Jameson and cranberry was a peculiar combination, get a load of this Frankenstein creation. When it comes to whisky, simplicity is always best, but the acidity of the apple and lemon juices, plus the unique freshness and sweetness of a kiwi fruit will knock your designer flip-flops off.

    Have fun and enjoy responsibly, y’all!