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  • Five Reasons Fried Sushi is Actually Awesome


    There’s an age-old argument that has raged on for years – one that continues to rage on and has threatened to tear the very fabric of dining. We speak, of course, of the argument over fried sushi.

    Food snobs will tell you that it’s a blemish on the Japanese delicacy – that it’s not ‘real sushi. Well to these people we say, well, get a grip and stop being such a stick in the mud.

    We all have our likes and dislikes, but for years Mori Sushi has been proving that fried sushi is just as good as the traditional variations of sushi – sometimes it’s even better (gasp) and here’s why…


    First of all, let’s just agree that anything fried is delicious and if you say otherwise, you’re a liar. Just look at this innocent Hot Dynamite Salmon rill. Made out of that simple but outstanding combination of salmon and cream cheese, the fried element adds a nice textural contrast. More importantly, though, anything fried is delicious.


    Yes, the only thing better than ‘fried’ is ‘tempura fried’, as this picturesque Hot Mono Roll proves. Like the Hot Dynamite Roll, salmon and cream cheese are the main players here, but with the addition of mushroom and shrimp. Tempura fried shrimp is yum, as is tempura fried shrimp – so your argument is invalid. Kind of.


    Look at it. Look at it again. How can anyone look at something that brings shrimp and salmon encased in a perfectly crisp shell and tell us that fried sushi isn’t really sushi. Well, you’re not real. So how about that smart guy?


    Spinach and asparagus? In sushi? What? No. Seriously? YES! Personally, we don’t trust anyone that doesn’t like asparagus, but this noble and misunderstood vegetable needs works best when encased in a cosy, golden crust of fried goodness. It’s a Mori original, too.


    It’s new, it’s hot, let’s roll. That doesn’t make sense an ounce of sense, but look at this piece of art. We’ll just leave that photo there and let it speak for itself.

    For more on how awesome fried sushi is and how liberal media has lied to you about it, check out the Mori Sushi Facebook page, Instagram and website. Or you could go to Mori Sushi.