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  • Five Things on Mince’s Breakfast Menu That You Have to Try Immediately


    Some four years ago, Mince landed in Zamalek with the first of what has become four branches, with a fifth in Alexandria. Quickly becoming a firm favourite and a leader in the gourmet burger craze that continues to consume Cairo, MINCE has upped their game this month on two fronts: the small Zamalek branch is no more, with MINCE taking over a bigger space on Marashali Street, but more importantly for fans of the chain, said branch has started serving an exclusive and epic breakfast menu. All your continental breakfast favourites are there with a MINCE-y spin, but there are some items that stand head and shoulders above all…

    Elvis French Toast


    Sit back and allow us to paint you a word-picture – fresh, homemade bread, toasted to a perfect crisp, cuddling an unholy combination of banana, caramel sauce and one of mankind’s greatest creations, Nutella.



    As one of three items under the Egg-Wiches section, the B.L.T.E is a classic combination that brings together (beef) bacon, tomato and lettuce, but here’s the catch – with an egg on top. Egg-cellent.

    Mince Breakfast

    mince break

    The saying is true: variety is the spice of life. With the MINCE breakfast, diners get three eggs cooked over-easy, sunny-side up, poached or scrambled, alongside hash browns and toast. it’s a classic that you can’t go wrong with.

    Mediterranean Skillet


    You know when people say ‘It’s like a party in my mouth’? Well, the Mediterranean Skillet is exactly that: a sauté of beef sausage, peppers, onion, feta cheese and skillet home fries – and you get two fried eggs and toast, too.



    Another of MINCE’s breakfast sandwiches, the Mickey-O isn’t for the faint of heart. Served in a toasted burger bun, a beef sausage patty is topped unapologetically with baked eggs, cheese, MINCE Sauce and, wait for it, jalapeno. Pow.

    For more on MINCE’s breakfast menu, as well as the new dessert menu which is also served exclusively in the new Zamalek branch, click here.