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  • Five Foodies from Egypt You Need to Follow


    Warning: If you’re on a diet, stop reading now. No, seriously – because we refuse to be held accountable for what you might do after reading this. If the first thing you do every morning is reach for your phone to watch Tasty Food videos, and the last thing you do before you sleep is fantasize about breakfast, then congrats: you’re a foodie. And we’ve found you just the people you should be following for tantalizing, mouth-watering food porn. Best part? They’re all Egyptian. #OmElDonya.


    (Courtesy of Sarah Ibrahim/Instagram)

    Freelance stylist, Sarah Ibrahim, definitely caught our eye with her mouthwatering presentations for clients like Fresh Food Markets, Heinz and La Poire Café. We like pretty food and Sarah does pretty very well – her behance profile holds all the evidence. Having worked alongside big-shot commercial photographers like Yehia El Alaily and Ayman Abbas, we’re sure Sarah’s destined for (food) greatness.



    (Courtesy of Sarah Khodeir/Instagram)

    This is our train of thought when we browse through food consultant and baker extraordinaire Sarah Khodeir’s photos: ‘Pffff, Himalayan salted brownies? Oh, please.’

    Then, five seconds later: ‘Those gluten-free dark chocolate earl grey cookies do look delicious though…’

    Ten seconds later: ‘Dammit, now we’re hungry.’

    Then, another ten seconds after that: *drooling all over keyboard*



    (Courtesy of Sarah Khanna/Buttered-Up.com)

    Before she became a CBC TV host alongside her husband, Mohamed Bitar, Sarah Khanna had us hooked for years on her easy-to-replicate recipes via Buttered Up; one of the first English-language Egyptian food blogs that merged Egyptian and international cuisine. Follow her on Facebook here.



    (Courtesy of Flavour Republic/Facebook)

    The dream team behind food photography and styling company, Flavour Republic, includes photographer Sherif Tamim and stylist Hoda El Sherif, who both share a passion for food and travel and always combine colour with elegant layouts in their creations. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram and browse their blog for their excellent food adventures around the world.



    (Courtesy of Egyptian Foodies/Facebook)

    While they may not have the same slick photos as their peers on this list, what we love about this user-generated foodie page is that they’re, 1) obsessed with food, and 2) help us discover every nook and cranny of edible delights around Cairo. Random foul kiosk in Nasr City? Check. To-die-for grilled meats in Sayeda Zayeda? Check. Always making us hungry? Double check. 350,000+ Facebook fans can’t be wrong. You can follow them on Instagram, too.

    By Kalam El Qahaira