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  • Eight Fun Places to Have Sohour in Cairo This Ramadan


    For some people, during the holy month of Ramadan, sohour is the most important meal of the day. I mean, fetar is important too, but that’s another list for another day. So – where to go?

    If you guessed kheimas, you’re right and you get a cookie (maybe after iftar though). For some mysterious reason, all of the restaurants, cafes, and hotels turn themselves into kheimas during Ramadan. We don’t know why, we’re not proud of it and there’s really nothing we can do about it. As with every Ramadan, there is an abundance of kheimas to choose from and we’ve got the list to beat all lists.  

    Fawazeer – Le Meridien Cairo Airport

    In a place far, far away from the centre of town, lies a nightlife attraction near an aerodrome (that’s an airport, by the way). Le Meridien Cairo Ariport is more often frequented by tourists, but Fawazeer is set to change that. Offering a trip down memory lane – do you remember Fatouta? – Fawazeer is capitalising on nostalgia.

    With a variety of games provided, including X-Box, Playstation and Wii, Fawazeer will have the most dedicated gamers in seventh heaven. There will also be live performances and actual Fawazeer each night with the chance to win huge prizes. You can also make your own carpet too. You design it, and Oriental Weavers make it – Ramadan tents are really outdoing themselves this year.  

    For reservations and more information, call 02-2265-9600.

    Som3a Basha – Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

    Som3a Basha is Cairo Marriott’s take on a Ramadan tent. By far the most authentic kheima on our list, the historic hotel (originally built for Khedive Ismail) has a live cooking station/cart for absolutely anything – from foul to attayef. Som3a Basha will transport you to a time when it was cool to wear a tarboush.   

    For reservations and more information, call 02-27283000.

    Fel Felucca

    Why on earth would you have sohour on land if you can have sohour on an actual, moving boat? That’s not a rhetorical question by the way; I really do want an answer. If you’re not one of the weak who suffers from seasickness, you can enjoy a cruise and a three course meal on a pimped-out felucca. If you do suffer from seasickness, we can only assume that natural selection is coming for you. Fel Felucca is catered by Crave (hello, best chocolate fondant in the country), and one of the many advantages of being on a boat is that you’ll never have to fight for a Nile-view seat.   

    For reservations and more information, call 01011111041 or 01064830991

    Fawanees – InterContinental Cairo Semiramis

    Semiramis InterContinental is home to one of the best restaurants in Cairo, Birdcage, so expect nothing less from the quality (and quantity) of culinary delights at their Ramadan kheima, Fawanees. The view is stunning and, after you stuff yourself into a delicious-food-induced coma, you can ‘e7bes’ with a shisha and keep yourself sated until fetar the next day. If you manage to control yourself, they have plenty of classic games to keep you entertained – think chess, tawla, cards (endless sessions of tarneeb ba2a) and plenty more.

    For reservations and more information, call 02-2798-8000.

    Ramadan Fel Harra – Eat & Barrel

    The ultra-modern Eat & Barrel transforms itself into an ultra-modern Ramadan-land. Enjoy a yummy sohour on the upper deck of a boat overlooking – you guessed it – the Nile. It seems like all the venues on this list are located by the river, but we’re not complaining. We ignore the Nile for 11 months of the year and then fall in love with it during Ramadan. Eat and Barrel eschews the boozy shenanigans it’s famous for but still retains the atmosphere of fun. There will be, of course, live acts for your entertainment.   

    For more information & reservations call 0100-1177188

    3al Markeb

    A newcomer this year, 3al Markeb is a stationary, revamped felucca with a fantastic Candyland-festival feel. 3al Markeb has cotton-candy machines, your own popcorn machine, Nola cupcakes, yummy Abu Auf nuts, live oriental takht, and loads more. You might be thinking, ‘Oh, this sounds fun, but what of my shisha?’ – don’t worry, they provide you with a private lounge dock area for you to enjoy your favourite shishas.

    For more information & reservations call 0102 7987 904.

    Wahawi Ramadan Lounge – Le Pacha 1901

    Our friends over at Event Republic are back with their Ramadan kheima, Wahawi. Situated on the upper deck of Zamalek-nightlife fixture, Le Pacha 1901, it has spectacular views – obviously-  spectacular food, traditional Ramadan drinks, games, and a bunch more stuff. They also have the biggest Fanous I’ve ever seen.

    For reservations and more information, call 0100-294-7111.

    Lemonada – The Lemon Tree & Co.

     Obviously, we know that the saying ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ is really lame, cliché, and overused, but damn you all – we’re still going to use it. Aside from food, entertainment, and (again) killer views, you can enjoy an icy lemonade! We hope you see what we did there – sorry. Enjoy sohour in style on another boat.  

    For more information & reservations call  0100-2223999.

    Happy Ramadan, y’all!