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  • Delano opening !


    Hassan Abaza’s famous restaurant is finally opening in Cairo, after being in Sahel and Seasons Country Club. Providing zamalek with a FINE DINING experiance, emphases on the FINE DINING part! Located in the heart of zamalek at 31.Ahmed heshmat. Zamalek- first left after hilton.

    who better to explain what DELANO is  that the Delano team!

    Delano; night time in Latin, is the rewarding experience of everything  from the heart of the Mediterranean culture.From the lively social spirit to the most savory recipes,selectively picked under one roof From the tasty raviolis of Italy to the endless gatherings over the Greek kofta wraps, the french made musselsall the way to the Egyptian shawerma

    So make sure to head to the opening this tuesday! you can always ahead to book and reserve a table  on ( 01200002088 )