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  • Conrad’s Kamala Launches All You Can Eat Sushi Deal for 150LE!


    Conrad Cairo‘s restaurants are among the very best in Egypt’s capital – just ask our opinionated friends at Cairo 360 – and their latest offerings come in the form of a fantastic All You Can Eat sushi deal at the hotel’s slick Asian restaurant, Kamala.

    For just 150LE, diners can feast like kings (and queens) on a  specially tailored menu that will have even the most nonchalant sushi eaters in a spin – and you’ll even receive free parking.

    As a cuisine, sushi has been creme de la creme of exotic foods in Cairo for the last five years or so, with independent sushi restaurants popping up across the city’s increasingly eclectic restaurant scene. Ask most sushi fanatics, however, and they’ll tell you that the only thing keeping them from indulging more frequently in Japan’s greatest export (karaoke is a close second) is the fact that it’s ever so pricey – which is what makes Conrad’s promotion all the better. Eat all you can, literally, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be handing over a mere 150LE at one of the top Asian restaurants in the city.

    For more information and reservations, call 02-258-08481.