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  • Coffee bean zamalek fiasco

    So the fight between coffee bean Zamalik and the owner of om Kalthoum building has escalated! With on Thursday the building owner burst the pipes right above coffee bean flooding the whole place!! The place has been completed flooded for the past three days non stop!!! Now here is what I ask you … Start spreading the word about this in Justice coffee bean has been facing … Just simply press like button below … You would be sharing this article so that people can start hearin about this

    Why is the building owner doing that you might ask … Well because coffee bean has a contract for the place for 5 years and rumor has it the bank next door offered to pay more to take the full space … And since coffee bean has a contract the only way for it to leave is if it voluntarily does so, have you not noticed how maybe2, cilantro, pottery all in the same building seem not to be affected by the flood and how it is only targeted towards coffee bean.